Yorkshire Terrier Pixie female updated February 19, 2014

Good Morning! I have been meaning for weeks to email you and give an update on Pixie, and yes we had to keep the name!! As you can see she is beautiful, smart and running the house. From the day we brought her home she never cried one night when we put her in her “bedroom” (her space is the foyer bathroom - has a small gate with a door we can open and close - and enough room if she needs to be left all day I don’t feel like she is caged) nor has she had an accident there through the night. We are still working on house breaking her - accidents are few and far between - only because my husband has her on a schedule and she has gotten use to it, but she won’t let us know by barking, scratching or anything, sometimes we just find her sitting by the door. It is a work in progress. She has been playing fetch and actually bring the ball back to us since the day we brought her home and she has many toys/chew sticks to keep her busy. We are starting to think she might have a little billy goat in her - as you can see by the picture she climbs right up the chair, up Paul’s shirt to lay behind his neck - maybe even a little cat in her. Our boys are absolutely in love with her and love that her favorite place to nap is on their back. Needless to say everyone - the Vet, my mom and all our friends adore her!!!

We could not have ask for a healthier, smarter, loving puppy!!

It is so hard to just pick a few photos to send, probably have 100 and tons of video, Thanks again. Mary Pat and Paul Shingledecker ( and Pix !!)