Yorkshire Terrier Kooper

I am SO thankful for my Yorkie, Kooper! He just turned 1 in November and I
brought the precious baby home Saturday March 20, 2010. He has a great
personality, is sooo smart and is the cutest dog ever!! He is also is very special
in another way as well and I would like to share a story. He was born
11-8-2009 and I thought the date was familiar but didnt think anything of it. I
realized it was my brother in laws birthday, who kindly went to my house to
check on Kooper Monday the 22nd while I was at work. My brother in law
passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday March 23, 2010; 3 days after Kooper
became a part of our family. The last picture we have of Kent is the one my
sister took of him and Kooper with her cell phone that day. In honor of my
brother in law, his CKC name is Kently Kooper.