Shorky Tootsie


My name is Lynda Freeman, my daughter, Erica Field contacted andpurchased a Shorky from you to give to me for Christmas.We named this little Shorkey, Tootsie, and she is doing great. I tookher to our vet, the Whispering Pines Animal Hospital on January 3,2011. She received an annual exam, her 3rd Distemper/Parvo, and herInterceptor Heart Worm pill. All of her incesions are healing welland she has no apparent health concerns. We go back to the vet onJanuary 17th and again on January 31st. Tootsie has enjoyed her first snow fall and today after the ice stormlast night she was so funny. She is having a hard time trying tofigure out how to walk on ice. It is so funny.I have attached a couple of pictures that I hope you will enjoy