Shih Tzu Mojo

Hey, We purchased a bundle of joy from you guys in December. MOJO andthat still his name he has be great. We have had not problem at all with him. He has fit into our family just as if he were made to.I have a concern at this time. He has been a little sick over the last 3weeks. I have changed his food from Royal canin puppy chiot to Royal Canin adult mini. He does not do well with this. I was wondering if youhave had this problem before. I am open to any suggestions. I took him tothe vet last week and they said he had a bactierial infection. He did gooda couple of days after that. He went back on the regular food yesterday andis back to have uncontrolable stole . Please let me know what I need to do.I also want to send you some pictures of MOJO he has grown up to be a cutelittle guy. He will be in a ad in Happy ztrails magizine on a advertisement for a local kennel where we board him on long vacations.

patrick Mccormick