Shih Tzu Harvey and Charlie


Hi there! Just wanted to give you an update now that both of our shih tzus have grown a bit more. We were worried Charlie might be a little too timid for our house and it turns out he is the sweetest, most loving dog we've ever had and has a ton of energy as well. Harvey and Charlie get along great, even though Charlie likes to pull him by the tail sometimes! They just went to the vet yesterday and are as healthy as can be. Thank you again!



ThisHarveyis coming to pick up his new brother

Charlie on 2-18-2012.


Robin Goodrich
Hey there! My boyfriend and I
bought a male shih tzu puppy a few months ago from you ladies and I just wanted to say thanks! It was really hard to choose between puppies while we were there and you were very sweet and patient. We named him
Harvey and he is absolutely wonderful. He is 110% healthy and has such a great personality! When he meets new people, he
doesn't bark at them but greets them with kisses. The next time we're looking to add another puppy to our family, I'll definitely be

Here is a link to a picture of Harvey after his
first haircut-