Schnoodle Mittsy

This is an update of Mittsy

Hi everyone,About 1-2 years ago I bought a dog or 2 from you. This is a copy of the Christmas card I sent out this year, see if you canfind the one you sold me.....there are 2 Schnoodles, 2 Westie poos, a Bichon-Schnauzer, a Scottie-Westie, and the baby is a Cairn terrier-poodle.Also, I just want to say thanks life has been greatly enriched by all of my puppies, they are so much fun.

Marie Lessard Abington, Ma.

Hi Karen,

Here are a few pic's of "Mittsy" ("mitts" for

her little gray paws) with her new brother ,

Winston,and sisters, Maxine and Midget.

When I put the onesies on the girls to keep

them from licking their stitches (from

neutering surgery) Mittsie cried until i put

one on her. She is really starting to fit in.

thanks again for the beautiful puppy! she is

so sweet and playful...and best of all, doesn't


marie lessard