Schnoodle Buddy Updated 2-9-2014


Just wanted to update you on my Grandson Logan's schnoodle named Buddy. We got him two years ago at Christmas and he has been a joy for all. We get the privilege of puppy sitting every once in awhile and even took him for a little ride on our motorcycle. As you can see we bought him goggles for riding. He looks so different when they take him to get his hair cut. After his hair cut he holds his ears straight up and when his hair grows longer he lets them droop.

Memaw (Logan and Buddies Memaw)

Good Morning,

I wanted to share some pictures with you of the puppy that we bought for my 10 year old grandson Logan. My daughter and I purchased Half Moon two days before Christmas and put him under the tree Christmas Eve (we could not wait until Christmas morning to surprise Logan). As you can see by the pictures it was the best Christmas surprise ever, just look at the smile on Logan's face. Logan has named Half Moon, Buddy and loves him more than words can say. My husband and I kept the puppy for 1 1/2 days to keep him hidden from Logan and it broke our hearts to give him up. We keep looking at Mocha and we are thinking that we should get him for ourselves.

We are so pleased with the information and help that you gave us in purchasing the puppy. You can be sure that he is loved and will be taken care of and will be included in all family functions.


Connie, (Logan's Memaw)

E & K writes: Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures they really capture the your grandson’s spurred face well. We are so happy to her that everything is going well with Buddy. He is a wonderful little puppy and will make a great companion for your grandson. Please send us more updated pictures as he grows. You have a wonderful new year.