Cavachon Maxie

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I wanted to thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to meet such a
great little dog. Maxie is doing quite well in her surroundings and seems to be
settling in quite nicely. She can go up to about 4 and a half hours or so now in
her crate and seems to be getting the idea that potty outside means we go potty
outside. She loves to ride in my truck as I take her around with me when I am
on the go. I took her down to the the state park the other day after her vet visit
and she had the opportunity to play in the water and was quite taken with the
water. I have given her a few baths and she just rests her head on the edge of
the bathtub and lets me bathe her without any objections. The only time I hear
her whine and bark is when she is left in her crate when I have to go to work,
other then that she is very laid back and has a even temperament. As we go for
walks she is quite the explorer and has to check out all of the sights and smells
life has to offer. She is very social and likes to run to people and visit with
everyone. All in all she is turning into the perfect pup for me and I am so
grateful to you. I will definitely refer my friends and relatives who are looking
for dogs to EK Kennels and I thank you again for being such a joy to meet with.
I have attached some new photos and a little video that I shot of us playing.

Take care,