Miniature Schnauzer Moon Pie

i got my little Moon Pie (stormy) from you only a few days ago but she has made such a difference in my life! being a stay at home mom and moving to the area after high school i don't really know a lot of people, and while browsing your site while in Pennsylvania with my grandmother i seen her picture and just became smitten with her. We went through some time coming up with the funds but she is worth every penny! she fallows me around the house, sits in my lap and barks at you-tube, and even lays with me to go to bed. Moon Pie is the best friend i could have asked for and i very glad that you were willing to hold her for us if we had needed. sometimes all works out for the better and things are just meant to be. she is getting spoiled here and is going to have a great life with me and my family <3 here are some pictures for you guys and i will send more as she grows :)