Miniature Schnauzer Mason


I told you before I'd send you pictures every so often of the miniature schnauzer I bought from you back in
March of this year. I have to say, Mason is the absolute love of my life. He has been taught to ring a bell
when he needs to go outside and he now sleeps in the bed with me and my husband every night. I love
how he greets me each evening when I get home from work. The love he gives is wonderful! I'm soo
smitten by him, it's almost pathetic! Hahaha He's funny to watch playing with his toys. It's not unusual to
see him carrying around his kong in his mouth while swatting at his ball, rolling it around the living room
floor. He loves to "wrestle" with my husband too. It's a common occurance to have Mason run full force
and jump into my husband's lap while he's sitting in the recliner. Mason ends up with his front paws on
David's chest and David will make the chair recline as if Mason knocked him backwards...oh boy, then the
'wrestling' really begins then! LOL Mason turned 9 months yesterday and I can't believe how he's grown.
Finally found a groomer that does a great job on his hair cut too. If you'd like for me to not send these
updates, just let me know. Thank you again for such a sweet, loving 'child'!!