Maltese Lilly Updated 11-1-2013

Good Evening-I had said back in April when we came to get our new puppy I would send pictures and life has been crazy. We are the family that my 14 year old daughter had gotten a puppy for Christmas and was sick and died 3 days later-we feel so blessed to have found you guys, Lilly has brought so much joy and love into Rachael's life-she is so full of life and just loves to play I will send a few photos of her-I have also recently referred a friend Jeannie to you guys. I told her you all were just wonderful and the puppies are healthy and loved before being adopted.

The first photo is Rachael still at your place-Lilly has a large wardrobe-even sunglasses and for Halloween she was Big Bird..She loves hugs and kisses and she loves to snuggle in our necks and give us kisses


Lisa M. Walker