Frenchie Pei male Bradley AKA Sharpie
Updated February 19, 2014

E&K Kennels,

A year ago today we drove from Virginia and took home Bradley the Frenchie Pei (previously named Sharpie) as a companion dog for our elderly husky mix and we now have a perfect little family. We renamed him Bradley after his daddy and he's grown into one of the most handsome and loving dogs we've ever seen, he looks so much like his beautiful mom. He gets so much attention anywhere he goes, people absolutely fall in love with him and want to know everything about him. My boyfriend and I feel so fortunate to call him ours; he is intelligent, loyal, and a complete goofball just like we'd hoped. He is the best companion imaginable for our elderly dog with his playful yet relaxed attitude, we thank you every day for giving us such a wonderful and healthy puppy. We hope his siblings are doing as well as he is. He brings us so much happiness every day, he would make a great dog for any family but we are so glad we were lucky enough to call him ours.

Much love,

Anya, Alexander, Annie & Bradley