French Bulldog Big Shirley and Earnhart

Hello E & K,

I wanted to email you and let you know how much I love all the pups now dogs that me and my wife have purchased from you guys at E & K kennels Diva (the female bichon), Big Shirley (the female French bulldog), and my little man Earnhardt (the male French bulldog). There's not much to say really, I LOVE THEM lol. However, the truth is E & K you guys do offer the highest quality of French bulldogs and many other breeds. While visiting your facility I noticed all your puppies are highly socialized by the time you purchase them and my babies were no different! They were calm, incredibly friendly and affectionate, and all are also jaw-drop dead gorgeous. I don't even know what I should guys are so informative and it's so nice to know such reputable breeders that care so much! I think all the puppies and breeds you guys have are literally perfect. My family wanted to buy from the best, and we certainly did!! Our babies (now dogs) have become family to us. Basically, what I'm trying to say is Thank you. (i have attached a few photos of my little man lol, Earnhardt now that he's all grown up).

David & Marvena

Don't they make a beautiful pair? This is Raymond he bought his first French Bulldog female

the one on the left in 2008 when he came to get a Bichon
Frise for his wife they left with both he loved her so much
so he came back to buy her a friend Good Luck Raymond