Coton Tzu Penny Updated 4-23-2014

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to give you an update on Penny (Valerie)….we picked her up on Friday and she has been doing great. I took her to Bethlehem Animal Hospital and they did her puppy exam yesterday and everything was great. They stated that she was in excellent health! Penny weighed 8.11 lbs….They have also put her on Trifexis (3 types of parasite protection) monthly.

You will find this funny…she was in her puppy playpen when we went to bed on Friday and on Saturday morning she was sleeping on the couch. That afternoon, I put her in it again and within 5 minutes she was by my side looking up at me….look what I did! So we had to put the play pen away. Do you happen to know anyone that would want to purchase the playpen since Penny will not stay in it and I do not want her to hurt herself jumping out.

Thanks again for such a wonderful companion and our new family member!