Chihuahua Gracie and Boston Terrier ZoeUp Dated on 12-29-2012

Gracie Ann is our 3rd dog from E and K Kennels. We bought our first Boston when my son was just 6 (and her best friend was a chihuahua CD.) Roxie was killed while out playing in our yard - a drunk driver ran through the yard and hit her. We got our next Boston - Zoe (Miss Bossy's daughter) from E and K. She is so loving and sweet - not to mention playful. Zoe is now 4 - my son is now 19. Zoe found herself alone - and Drew missed his chihuahua CD. After many months of searching for the perfect addition - we brought Gracie home December 26. She is such a sweetheart and Zoe is the protective Mother. Although Gracie has her own kennel - she prefers to be with Zoe - snuggled up next to her in Zoe's bed or on the sofa. They play together and bonding beautifully. If you are looking for a new addition to the family E and K has the dog for you. All of their dogs are well socialized and come from good breeders. I should know - this is my 3rd dog. Thank you E and K for making our Christmas complete.

Alesia Boggs