Toy Poodle "Charlie”
Jeanie Cline

This is Charlie (Prince Charles Christian) Cline. He will turn four in June of this year ~ my constant companion ~ love of my life. He is truly a blessing to me! Thank you so much! Jeanie Cline

Charlie is one of the most intelligent poodles I have ever owned. He is my fourth. He is quite special and understands many words and commands when not pulling a "stubborn mood" to get a treat! He definitely knows how to get my attention. He loves car rides and trips, baths, people, children, outdoors, going to Church, and being petted.

I just have to post one more picture of my baby ~ Charlie. He sleeps with me and has never been in a crate. It took a little while to train him but once he caught on, he got it! His hair is not as Apricot as when young, mostly cream all over. Since I'm a blonde, people tease that we look alike. That's okay!