Cavachon Tessa updated on February 13, 2013

TESSA, our Cavachon, is great and a real beauty... (-14 lbs and will be 2 yrs on March 13th).We're all enjoying a fabulous, balmy, ( 70>80 degree) winter in Punta Gorda, Florida.The photo attached is Tessa, with her Dad, watching this morning's Doggy Parade for Cancer on purple "Fat Tuesday". Everybody thinks she's gorgeous. She's amazingly sweet - but spoiled silly, a picky eater, & a real“shrewdy" - but we love her!Steve(Rothchild) + Family emailed us recently from Philadephia. They had bought their "Maxie & Bella", the 2 ?BichPoos?,the same afternoon we adopted Tessa. We both agree that there are special blessings for you in Heavenfor all the happiness you've help bringto so many families ! Keep up the good work!

Best regards- B.A.T. Bruce, Alessandra & Tessa

To Karen, Tara, & EK Kennels -- (from Snow & Bruno's Little Girl )---

the sweetest & most loving Cavachon - full of mischief and games !


TESSA MARIE LARCHER - "Lady Cavachon" ~ 1 yr old & 13.6 lbs.

Introducing “TESSA”

June 23, 2011A funny thing happened on our way to Asheville...We stopped in Hickory, NC at a country Kennel to view some “Designer Dogs”. These are first generation “Hybrids” - crossing one Purebred with another Purebred - hopefully, combining the best qualities of both. ( It’s an amazing concept - too bad we can’t do it with Humans!)We wished for SWEETNESS, HEALTH, and a LOVELY, PLEASING FACE. A small “LapDog” to warm our hearts and to keep us company in our “LAST QUARTER”. A trusted best friend to suffocate us with Kisses, and help make all the daily “Nasty” go away...So, to make a long story shorter - WE FELL in LOVE (again) - and left with our “MUTT”!She’s 14 1/2 wks - 6 Lbs of Love - (which should double) ... and we love every Ounce of this Darling Baby Girl. We’re Thrilled with our little “Southern Belle” !!

~ Bruce & Alessandra Larcher ~
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