Cavachon Lani

The first picture is the day after we got home. Aren't I justthe cutest thing you ever saw? The second picture is when Ifound out I could lay here and not be told no, IBoy have Igot them warped around my paws. They don't even knowit, HeeHee. The third picture was in Sept. I think haven't Igrown still as cute as ever. I'm even allowed on thefurniture. I heard Sandra say " I can't believe I am allowingthis. Told you I had them wrapped around my paws.Lani

Meet Lani She is one of our beautiful Cavachon Babies. These were taken when she came by for a visit at E & K Kennels She is a one year old now. Hasn't she grown into a beautiful adult. She is just stunning. Sandra says the key to thebeautiful eyes is distilled water. Lani was born on 4-1-2010 and isso beautiful and extremely smart she has passed several training classes and will soon be getting hercompanion certification. She is a wonderful little girland is well taken care of and pampered. We reallyenjoyed her visit and hope to see her again one day. Sheis just a joy. And she loves to smile for her pictures. Thank you so much Sandra and Carl for bringing her by.