updated 10-26-17


Hi, I hope all is well! I just wanted to check in. And send y'all some photos. My little Sansa is doing amazing! She is loving every day! She has been going to training and we have a very vary smart girl on our hands. She is top in her class. And she even has her own tricks at home like putting away her toys when she is done playing. She loves going to breweries and meeting new pup friends at camp bow wow. And she can't wait to become a therapy dog one day to go in to the hospitals. We love her very much! She is just simply amazing! And is one of the most beautiful boxer we have ever seen. And we do not just say that because she is our little lady! ��


It been awhile since I’ve sent you some photos of Mis crazy little lady Sansa! She is doing amazing. She loves her brother so much. And she is queen of the house! She sleeps in our bed. And loves to give hugs. She is famous at the wooden robot brewery. Everyone knows her name there and loves to see her! She and her brothers also now have an Instagram Motzlovedogs. I could send y’all hundreds of photos. So her are a few. But I hope all is well for you guys!

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