Bichon Frise's Bo and Zoe with Merlin updated 03/01/2015


Good afternoon,

I emailed you through the website yesterday but am not sure that email went through. My family and I have one your pups, called "Bo" when we got him last January (now our Benny) (dob 9-11-13) and he is such a joy. His dad is Jock and his mom is Mattie and he fit in beautifully with our old Bichons and is as good natured as a pup could be. We lost our Mia, age 14 years, last fall and still have Merlin, age 16 years chugging along with Benny keeping him young. We are interested in the female Bichon on your website and wondering if there is any story to her situation since she has been with you longer than many pups (Benny had been returned from a family that took two male pups and decided that was toomuch and he was 5 months when we got him, listed as on "older puppy"). We are wondering if there is any change in the price of the little girl as she too is a bit older and if we were to take her, would we be able to pick her up early on Sunday. I understand that she is not yet spayed and if she were to join our family I would like our vet here in Chapel Hill to take care of that.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

Have a good evening.

MJ Krafte


Hi Karen,

It was good to see you again on Sunday and I wanted to send a quick update on our new addition, the beautiful little girl bichon who is now called Zoe. She appears to have that same amazing, easy going personality as Benny does, and since they share the same dad we think it must be in the genes! Benny, who is only 17 months old has adopted little Zoe and is with her at all times, either flying around the house chasing something that only the two pups see or sleeping on the couch the Zoe tucked under Benny with only her tiny little face peeking out. We also have our old guy Merlin and Zoe instinctively seems to know to go easier with him, that he is more for cuddling than playtime. Thank you so much for sharing another one of your babies with our family. After only 5 days it seems she has been with us forever.

Enjoy your day! I am attaching a couple of pics of both the pups and our other guys!

MJ Krafte