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We have very healthy well socialized puppies and adults. We do not just throw them into stacked cages and let them wait for the next buyer.

All our puppies and adults stay in a temperature controlled enviorment. They all have beds that are cleaned every day.

All our adults and puppies are gotten out everyday into the exercise areas and are walked.

Every puppy is socialized with people and other dog breeds. We keep all their vaccines up to date, and make sure they are dewormed so they never have worms.

We breed healthy puppies so you will know what you are buying and so you know that they do not have any health issues. It would be wonderful for someone to adopt a puppy from the humane society or a dog shelter, but lots of them have temperament and socialization issues. They need a SPECIALperson who has lots of patience to care for their needs. If you do not know what breed you are getting and you have allergies that may be a problem. We do help keep puppies from ending up in shelters by spaying/neutering all our puppies.

If you ever get a puppy from us and can't keep it please call us and bring your baby back. We will make sure we find your baby the perfect loving home.

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