Yorkshire Terrier Fancy Piper updated on February 25, 2013 

Miss Piper is adjusting well and is the very best puppy!!  You ladies did an excellent job in her early development and training and are to be commended.  I especially love the way she cuddles at my neck when picked up!!!

I have attached a picture I took of her just yesterday as she was “discovering OUTSIDE”!    The weather was great and she had a wonderful time romping in the back yard and finding new things to sniff ……… as well as bothering the cats!

Miss Piper lives with 5 indoor de-clawed older cats who are not quite accustomed to this much energy anymore, so there is a noise factor involved that was not present with my previous    15 ˝  year old yorkie.   She is not really being aggressive  - just wants to play, but the geriatric bunch is not interested right now.   It will settle down with time and they will sleep together just like they did with my previous yorkie.    Pottie training is progressing rather well …… we hit the mark most of the time.   She absolutely adores her squeaky toys and can fetch far longer than I can throw!     Baths are beginning to be tolerated much better (once a week), but she still doesn’t like the hair dryer ………. But wants to play with it when I dry my hair in the mornings!   As I work sometimes long hours, she is allowed a whole room and a bathroom to herself all day …. And the cats jump over the fence to sleep in her room  (so they’re not true enemies). LOL

There are just my husband and I in the house (as well as the cats J)  -  I’m 61 and my husband is 80.   She is mostly attached to me, but has also bonded quite well with “Daddy”, although he is unable to get down and play with her  -  they just snuggle in Daddy’s chair sometimes.   My 3 sons are all grown and away …….. my middle son lives in Lake Lure, NC.

 Her chip has been registered;  she has been registered with CKC;  she is wearing an LA rabies tag; and taking her NuVet vitamins.

 Was there a story behind you having named her “Fancy”? If so, I would love to hear about it.

 Once again, thank you for my most precious baby Piper!!

 Cami Barlow

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