Maltipoo Savanah

Good Morning,

I just wanted to write you and thank you for the most wonderful puppy in the world! Savanna is one of your Maltipoos that my son, Houston, and I picked up a couple months ago from you. (Her birthdate is November 11th) We picked her out and brought her home and immediately my husband and other son fell in love with her. She gets along great with our 9 year old Sheltie and loves the outdoors! She also love to ride in the car. She goes everywhere with us. Everyone always wants to know about her and are constantly commenting on what a beautiful dog she is! (I think so too!!)

Here are a couple of photos of her now. She loves being dressed up, and has quite the wardrobe!

Again, thank you so much for our precious little princess, Savanna!

Trisha Zaretsky