Maltetzu Gracie

I wanted to be sure that you got to see Gracie. She is THE VERY BEST puppy/dog EVER! She
is not barky AT ALL, she is soft, sweet and loves to cuddle! We are soooo very happy with
her. She has the best nature about her - allows my 7 year old daughter to "love her to death"
and she comes back for more. We crate trained for months, and now she sleeps in our bed with
us every night. She even has a better bladder than we do! We just LOVE our girl!!!!

#1 - Gracie at 4 months
#2 - The two best puppies in the world!
#3 - Seven and 5 months = joyful bliss!
#4 - 8 months old - Halloween time Fairy (poor puppy)

Thanks, Sue Flannery