French Bulldog Coco Chanel up dated 2-14-2015

Coco Chanel says "Bow Wow" to you all. Her Vet "Dr. Dreamy" (as his female staff call him) has fallen for her charms when she had her semiannual physical the other day.


Greetings from Her Ladyship: Coco Chanel.

We picked Chanel up one year ago tomorrow from you & she has been a joy and delight. She brings joy to all who see her.Quick story: I was walking with Chanel recently here on MB’s pedestrian outdoor Mall & the cutest little girl excitedly pointed to Chanel & exclaimed to her Mom: "LOOK MOM, A Frenchie!!"I asked the Mother “how could your daughter KNOW whatbreedof dog this is"??Before the Mother could reply, the little girl emphatically said: “We have a Frenchie and his name is Luca"!!!!!The little girl was NOT more than 3 years old but she is obviously a very perceptive young lady. Further: Chanel has never met another dog she did not like. She is an “alpha” female -- the leader of the pack. Thank you for such a special Frenchie! This year has passed by very quickly.

Winston & Frank & "Woof Woof" from Coco

Karen & All:

Happy Hannukah, Advent Season, Kawanza, New Year & Merry Christmas!!!Her Ladyship is an adorable Frenchie and is growing up -- almost 20 pounds and she is house trained already -- she is very alert & intelligent but like most bulldogs: subborn.She does "talk" alot, unlike our previous Frenchie who rarely barked. Her Ladyship willquickly let you know her feelings. She communicates also with her eyes & expression.WHEREVER we go, she gets compliments, "oooohs" and "ahhhhs"!!

Wishing you the best,

Winston, Frank & Chanel #5


Great to talk with you today & give you a follow-up report on our new Frenchie: Chanel (#5).
She is full of spirit and travelled well from E & K Kennels outside of Hickory, NC to Atlanta, Ga; to Opelika-Auburn, Alabama; to Orlando, Fla; and finally to her new home here in Miami, Fla.Frank & I are especially appreciative of how kind, considerate, and attentive you, Tasha, & Lora have been to us during this transition period.The "gurl" is full of energy, spirit, and love and social skills. We look forward to travelling with her and letting her strut her stuff here on famed Lincoln Road, South Beach.
Be on the lookout for a possible call from my friend Scott Feinerman, who may be interested in a Frenchie.We will keep you all updated from time to time on Chanel's progress and will swing by to see you next year if we go up to Highlands again.Oh, we plan to engage a trainer later this week to insure that her Ladyship has the appropriate training during this impressionable period. We know to provide the necessary love and fealing of security!
She had her Vet check up on Saturday and 3rd immunization shot. Our Vet Dr Heidi Foster is very pleased with Chanel!
Our best,

Winston & Frank