Chihuahua Sunny


I bought Sunny on Nov, 2009. He is a cream color Chihuahua. I remember his mom's name is Lily. He is 1 years and 2 months old now. I
named him Sunny, he is super sweet and gives kisses all day. He learned a lot of tricks and he has graduated of training class when he
was 7 months old. He weights 16.5 lbs now. Well, Its 10 lbs more than what you told me but he just too sweet I cant care much about his
weight. Ohh, he is NOT overweight he is health and he has build-shape body. You know big chest and small belly :D
A lot of people guessed what he mixed with when I took him out to dog park or pet store. I will appreciate if you remember what is Sunny
mixed with, please let me know. Thanks a lot. He has a lot of energy. He thinks he is the biggest dog on the world so he doesn't afraid of
any animal but human. He can walk up the stairs but he cant walk down. He doesn't like to go out when its cold or raining outside. He
have to stay on my lap when he riding on the car even I drive. He is a spoiled Chihuahua! Thank you so much to let me have sunny! I will
love him forever! I wish all of you Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.