Chihuahua “Schatzi”
Heather Schrum-Fleissner

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This is Schatzi, my long haired blue Merle Chihuahua I got from you. He's absolutely the sweetest, most perfect puppy ever. He's 7 months old and my little angel! You are by far the best breeder I've ever dealt with and this is my second dog from you. I bought a Pomeranian there a long time ago. People stop me on the street and tell me this is the best looking and best behaved Chihuahua they have ever seen.

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Just got this chocolate Shih Tzu from here Saturday. Got the long haired Chihuahua in June and got a Pomeranian years ago. This breeder is awesome and their puppy's are well trained, very socialized, healthy and so sweet! You will love any doggie you get here!