Boston Terriers Tori, Bella, Manny

Tori, Bella and Manny (Boston's we bought from you)
>Hey! Just thought I'd touch base with you guys and tell you we love our
>babys too death! Tori is the one be that had to have surgery on her little
>nose and is doing great! She is so pretty and well they all are! Guess theit
>mother wasn't bred anymore because of Tori? It was a shame becasue they are
>so sweet and beautiful. But I know with "bracecephalic syndrome" throw back
>it would have been a chance. Just wanted so say hey and that many have asked
>us where we got our babys. I guess when I looked the last time you weren't
>selling any. But now I see that you are! YAY!

Just who in this cage looks guilty? lol