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Designer Breed between a Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier

The YorkiPoo has an average shoulder height of 7-12 in (18-30 cm)

and weighs 4-15 lbs (2-7 kg).

The YorkiPoo is energetic, happy, brave, and intelligent. It is alert, loving, cheerful, and very clever. Yorki Poos make great watchdogs. The Yorki Poo wants to be involved in family activity. It makes a great companion. Yorki Poos are fairly active, but not as hyper as some other small breeds. The Yorki Poo is not mischievous but can occasionally be stubborn.

The YorkiPoo gets along well with strangers, children, dogs, and other pets. Socialization when young is recommended. Young children should be supervised around the Yorki Poo to ensure they treat it respectfully.

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