Shorkie or Shorky

Shih Tzu / Yorkshire Terrier

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The Shorkie has a wonderful disposition. They are happy go luckydog who are very intelligent. They love to play and do tricks andthey love to learn new tricks. They are awesome family dogs.Shorkies make great family pets. They are great with children andother animals.

The Shorkie is a no shed dog.Shorkies do require regular grooming. They are typically given apuppy cut even when they get older. It keeps them looking nice andis easy to keep up.

The Shorkie is very eager to learn and please their owner and as such can be taught many commands.Shorkies are very sweet, fun-loving dogs who behave quite well and love people. They can be stubborn at times.

Shorkies are average barkers. They especially like to bark whenplaying.

The Shorkie can do well in either warm or cold climates but are nottypically fond of very hot weather.

The Shorkie loves to go for walk and play.Shorkies are great dogs for a home or apartment.