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Designer Breed between a Maltese and a Bichon Frise

Hypoallergenic Breed Won’t Shed

The Maltichon is a mix of Maltese and Bichon Frise. They are also called Maltese Frise. Small Matichons are affectionate and loving dogs. Matichons are gentle with children and loving, family oriented dog. The Maltichons can get along with other pets and dogs among the family. They are brilliant family companions. Being a companion dog it is cheerful and playful as well. Having an excellent companion nature it will make an outstanding playing buddy to children. The kids at home must be taught to never handle this frail animal with rudeness and roughness. With a natural sociability it can tend to easy familiarize with and co-exist with other dogs and pets at home. Attentive Matichons are also alert. Maltichons are known as quiet dogs and only bark when it thinks it is necessary. It alerts the owner with bark when an unknown person approaches. This natural tendency makes them fine watchdogs. Over all these dogs are outstanding family companion and as well as house dog.

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