Size: The Chihuahua has a shoulder height of 15-23 cm (6-9 in) and weighs 1-3 kg (2-8 lbs).Chihuahuas have an apple shaped head with a short, pointy muzzle, large erect ears, andtiny feet. The tail may curve over the back or side.

Coat: The Chihuahua can have a long or short coat. A variety of colors are acceptable,including sand, chocolate, silver, chestnut, and blue. A variety of patterns including sable and masks are also possible. The variety of possibilities makes classification difficult.

Character: Chihuahuas are intelligent, graceful, and sometimes too brave for their owngood. They usually bond with only one person and become highly devoted, frequentlykissing the owner's face (with or without approval). The Chihuahua is reserved aroundstrangers, and may attempt to defend their owner, usually with little effect. Chihuahuasare tenacious, proud, and very energetic.

Temperament: Chihuahuas can usually live with other dogs and cats without problem.They get along particularly well with other Chihuahuas. It is important to socialize theChihuahua as a puppy to prevent over aggressiveness. Small children may regard theChihuahua as a toy, and their teasing can cause it to snap or bite. It is preferable not toleave the Chihuahua with children under the age of 12, unless they are well taught orsupervised.

Care: Chihuahuas require regular grooming with a brush and comb for their long coat. TheChihuahua’s claws must be kept trimmed, and its teeth must be checked frequently fortartar buildup. Chihuahuas get cold easily and should be kept in a warm environment. Thesmall nose may cause wheezing or snoring. The Chihuahua should not be overfed. There istypically a soft spot on the top of the skull; this is normal and is usually closed byadulthood. The Chihuahua has a long life span at 14-18 years.

Training: Although they are usually not trained because of their small size, Chihuahuasare eager to learn. The Chihuahua may require patience and effort to housebreak; for thisreason they are sometimes only paper trained.

Activity: Chihuahuas can usually get all the exercise they need by running around indoors.If the dog becomes overweight it should be allowed to walk rather than carried from roomto room. Chihuahuas may be taken for short walks but are not an outdoorsy breed.