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BBB accredited 


We know with Spring being here we will be embarked with calls about finding kittens homes we will take your kittens and find them homes if you will have your adult female spayed and pay for the spay and neuter of the kittens.
If you would like to see the kittens we have for adoption click here

Welcome To Parkers Precious Puppies (Formally know as E and K Kennels) "Where Happiness is a new puppy". Thanks for choosing Parkers Precious Puppies  We are nestled in the foothills of North Carolina in good old Burke county. We consist of 5 local Breeders who only breed to the best benefit of the adults and puppies. They love their dogs and take excellent care of their puppies and adults.

We are Family owned and love our dogs and enjoy making others happy by breeding very healthy, happy, sweet, and of course adorable puppies. Our puppies are given all the care they need to be happy healthy adults for you when they are full grown. They are taken out everyday and are handled by us and are well socilaized with the other puppies. We show every one of our puppies love. We care and attend to each individual puppy need. We love giving you a chance to see the different breeds together so you can decide which breed is best for you. 

At Parkers Precious Puppies we believe everyone should be able to afford and enjoy a puppy that is healthy and well socialized. So many families have had such a bad experiences with males marking and also it's very expensive to have males Neutered or Females Spayed.  We also know of all the puppies that are in the animal shelters each year due to people not getting a female spayed and males neutered. To stop all these problems we have decided that puppies can be spayed/neutered (for an additional $100.) after the puppy is 10 weeks of age as long as our veterinarian (Dr. Bruce Carlton at Catawba Valley Animal Hospital) feels like they're big enough. If you would not like your puppy spayed or neutered just call and we will gladly hold him/her with a deposit.  

©2011 Karen, Tasha, or Lora contact us at call 828-238-7687 or 828-397-4881 for an Appointment